hygienic travel Products for your next trip

cleanliness for bed covers, bathrooms and more

Hygienic Travel products for your next trip

Hair on cushions, stains on toilet seats and towels, that have seen better times. Those of you, who travel a lot, experience a lot – even things you do not want to experience.

Whether you travel to Asia as part of your job or visit Africa or Latin-American in your holiday: CLEANTRAVELLER’s travel sets help to gain more hygiene and cleanliness on all your trips – in airplanes or in a station toilet, in your Airbnb-apartment or a cottage in the mountains, in your hotel room or on the road. You protect your health and increase your well-being.

Compactly packed, affordable and easy to use

With CLEANTRAVELLER’s filed-tested and perfectly composed travel sets you are well-prepared for every situation on your trip. The hygienic travel sets offer help you when there are any pollutions and guarantee certain sanitary standards. In the development phase the sets where field tested adapted and optimized multiple times. As a result, this combination was created. The result is clear for all to see: hygiene and protection to go, packed in handy sets and affordable.

Hygiene To Go in nearly every Situation

Cover dirty beds with your own, soft single use-bed covers (made of spanlace-material). Enjoy your food with a hygienic cover on your table. You can cover the toilet seat with CLEANTRAVELER’s covers. Your feet are protected in the single-use slip-on shoes and if you want to shower, you have your own clean towels to towel yourself. The single use textiles are bacteria-repellent and offer cleanliness and safety for your health even in dirty rooms.